Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching in combination with vaginal bleaching and labiaplasty
offer to the genitalia a more youthful appearance.

Service 10Anal Bleaching

The principal reason for which women want to perform anal bleaching in combination with vaginal bleaching is their desire to offer a more youthful appearance to their genitalia. In combination with the vaginal bleaching and labiaplasty, the results are impressive.

The dark color is principally due to hormonal reasons as we get older or to other pathological causes and this condition is many times embarrassing both for the woman herself and for her partner.

Anal bleaching is a harmless and painless operation that is based on the use of a special Laser and is performed in one or two 30-minute sessions. The results are permanent and are visible after only a few days.


How is the anal bleaching operation performed

The anal bleaching operation is performed with the use of a special ultramodern Laser and takes place in two sessions that last no more than 30 minutes each. The use of the Laser aims at the removal of the melanin layer to which the undesirable dark color is due. The procedure takes place mainly at the medical practice on appointment and is performed with local anaesthesia.


Is anal bleaching painful?

The procedure is not painful even with the use of local anaesthesia. The postoperative pain is minor and can be treated with common painkillers such as Depon®, Ponstan®, etc. There might be a slight oedema (swelling) for a few days after the operation which will resolve. We leave the area of the operation uncovered, without any protective gauze or dressings.