Vaginal rejuvenation with the FemiLift method

The FemiLift method

Harmony in sexual intercourse is a principal factor in every woman’s life. Unfortunately, the elasticity of the tissues is reduced over time due to the change of the hormonal profile, having as result, disorders in the function of the mucosa, and after childbirth, the tone of the muscles of the vagina is reduced. For this reason, many women are not satisfied with their sex life. As a complaint, they express their discomfort about vaginal dryness and lack of orgasms.

In this new FemiLift method, a special laser is used, for the reconstruction and anti-aging treatment of the vagina, and in this way, the painful and unnecessary surgical operation is avoided. With this method, we penetrate in the deeper layers of the vagina, which results to the formation of new collagen.

With the FemiLift method the “warming” of the layers of the vagina is achieved. This results to the formation of collagen and elastin, as well as to the reduction of the tissues’ volume. This method is suitable for the vaginal reconstruction, in case of urinary incontinence, relaxation of the vagina (childbirth), in order to avoid the vaginal atrophy and dryness, and to correct the age-related disorders of the vaginal mucosa.

The advantages of the FemiLift method, for the vaginal rejuvenation, is that it is completely painless and bloodless, does not require any kind of anaestesia and is performed at the medical practice. 3 sessions of 20-25 minutes each are needed, within a month period.
The duration of the recovery phase is seven days, and during this period the woman must not have any sexual intercourse, and must avoid saunas, Turkish baths and physical exercise.

With the PIXEL Laser method we can also achieve the healing of scars and of stretch marks of the skin, the correction of the blemishes of external organs and the bleaching of the vaginal tissues.

The FemiLift method is available for every woman. With this method we can increase the G-Spot, achieve a better quality of sexual intercourse, well-being, improved appearance, self-confidence, so that the person can obtain a rejuvenated body, and be able to activate in the future the factors that are favorable to longevity and to the control of premature aging.

And we must remind of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, by pointing out that he put great emphasis to prevention and to physical wellness.

28/02/2017 Aesthetic gynecology
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