Vaginoplasty surgery with laser helps restoring the firmness and the good
sexual performance that interest many women.

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Vaginoplasty with Laser

A solution for the restoration of the firmness and of the improved sexual performance that interest many women. Many factors are important regarding sexual satisfaction in a woman’s life. One of the most important factors are the anatomic alterations (deformities) in the area of the vagina and the perineum.

These alterations are due either to a lesion during childbirth or occur after a great loss of body weight. Loss of muscle tone and relaxation of the vagina and the perineum occurs. Furthermore, a great part in the occurrence of this problem is played by the factors of the physique of each woman, the lack of exercise, smoking, prolonged standing, as well as a sedentary life style.

The lack of self-confidence and the psychological and social impacts force a woman live with this problem. Today, plastic surgery with the use of a Laser for the reconstruction of the vagina restores the tissues of the vaginal canal and of the perineum strengthening the muscles of the pelvis and increasing muscle tones.

The restoration of the vagina to its previous state through the reduction of the diameter of the vagina achieves the increase of the sense of pleasure during sexual intercourse and the improvement of the frequency and intensity of a woman’s orgasms, restoring thus her self-confidence through her sexual performance.

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    Does vaginoplasty regard me?

    Vaginoplasty surgery regards women with vaginal relaxation that is due to multiple normal deliveries or to heredity, as well as to factors such as the lack of exercise, smoking, prolonged standing, as well as a sedentary life style.

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    In case of vaginal relaxation, cystocele or rectocele is it better that I undergo vaginoplasty or the classical method of colporrhaphy and mesh placement?

    Vaginoplasty surgery with the use of a laser is clearly superior and more advantageous than the classical and old method of colporrhaphy, even when the latter is combined, in many cases, with the placement of a mesh. The placement of a foreign body (mesh) in this sensitive area, particularly when this regards sexually active women, can cause a permanent and uncomfortable feeling during sexual intercourse in the post-operative phase. The erosion of the mucosa of the vagina that may possibly occur due to the mesh, causes hypersensitivity and pain in friction. On the other hand, with vaginoplasty there is absolutely no placement of any foreign body and the technique of restoration of the relaxed tissues is performed, having as primary aim that the woman is relieved permanently after the surgery of any existing cele problems and that she can enjoy once more her sex life as before the occurrence of the relaxation.

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    What will be the result of vaginoplasty?

    The tightening of the vagina as a result of vaginoplasty achieves the increase of sexual pleasure of the woman herself as well as of her partner. The state of elasticity of the vagina is restored to its levels before childbirth and the result is permanent.

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    The difference between the Laser and the common scalpel in vaginoplasty surgery

    Surgery with the use of a Vaginoplasty Laser has certainly more advantages in many areas compared to the use of a scalpel. With the laser we can perform bloodless painless surgical operations and precise tissue incisions for a natural result without the existence of a scar in the area.

    The recovery is very fast and so is your return to your daily activities. The laser that we use in vaginoplasty surgery is a low voltage one, does not cause any damage to the tissues and is considered totally harmless.

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    What is the duration of vaginoplasty surgery with a laser?

    2 to 3 hours. The vaginoplasty surgery with the use of a Laser is performed depending on each case at our special organized space or at a properly equipped clinic and its duration is 2 to 3 hours.

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    What is the cost of a vaginoplasty surgery with a Laser?

    The cost varies depending on the case. Contact us for a first estimate.