Vulvoplasty is a surgery that reconstructs the aesthetic area
of the external female genitalia.

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Vulvoplasty surgery with Laser

Vulvoplasty is a surgery that reconstructs the aesthetic area of the external female genitalia (the plastic surgery of the labia minora, the labia majora and the clitoris).

With the use of a Medical Laser in vulvoplasty we reshape the appearance of the labia minora and the labia majora of the vulva or reduce the width of the vagina that may have changed due to childbirth.

During a normal labor, perineotomy very often takes place in order to facilitate the exit of the newborn from the vagina. The scar of the perineotomy usually causes an aesthetically abnormal appearance over time. Also, due to the natural tissue relaxation, an increase of the diameter of the vagina can be observed. The elastic relaxation of the vagina may also affect pleasure during sexual intercourse.

With the use of Medical Laser in vulvoplasty we restore the deformity of scars in the perineum area (e.g. perineotomy, Bartholin gland scar, genital warts). Vulvoplasty is without any doubt the ideal solution for the cosmetic reconstruction of the sensitive feminine intimate area which restores aesthetic as well as function problems.

Examples of aesthetic problems are the avoidance of tight clothes and swimsuits and, in the case of functional problems, the sexual pleasure is restored and improved since pain during sexual intercourse is eliminated.

We use the innovative “SidetoSide” technique that has been conceived and first applied by Dr. Alexander Bader, with aesthetically amazing results, in contrast to the traditional techniques that lead to inadequate and unsatisfactory results.

Vulvoplasty surgery helps women regain their self-confidence, improve their everyday life as well as their sex life. The return to one’s everyday activities takes place within 7 to 10 days, while the return to the sex life within approximately 1 month, depending on the case.

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    How is the surgery performed?

    Vulvoplasty surgery is performed with the use of a special dual wavelength laser machine. With the vulvoplasty laser total precision is achieved regarding the removal of the surplus tissue and the rejuvenation of the remaining tissue. This is followed by a tissue convergence with absorbable by the human body thin sutures, which are absorbed within a short time period.

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    The difference between the Laser and the common scalpel in vulvoplasty surgery

    Surgery with the use of a Vulvoplasty Laser has certainly more advantages in many areas compared to the use of a scalpel.

    With the laser we can perform bloodless painless surgical operations and precise tissue incisions for a natural result without the existence of a scar in the area.

    The recovery is very fast and so is your return to your daily activities. The laser that we use in vulvoplasty surgery is a low voltage one, does not cause any damage to the tissues and is considered totally harmless.

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    Will it leave a scar?

    No. The scar that is caused by the incision is practically invisible thanks to the “SidetoSide” method that we apply. The purpose of the use of the special Vulvoplasty Laser is to achieve an aesthetically excellent result, without any mark or scar at all.

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    Is vulvoplasty painful?

    Vulvoplasty surgery, even with the use of local anaesthesia, is not painful. The postoperative pain is minor and can be treated with common painkillers such as Depon®, Ponstan®, etc. There will be a slight oedema (swelling) for a few days after the operation which will resolve. We leave the area of the vulvoplasty surgery uncovered, without any protective gauze or dressings.

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    What is the duration of vulvoplasty surgery?

    1 to 2 hours. The vulvoplasty surgery is performed depending on each case at our special organized space or at a properly equipped clinic.

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    What is the cost of a vulvoplasty surgery?

    The cost varies depending on the case. Contact us for a first estimate.