Why Some Women Take a Decision to Make Changes to the Labia Minora?

There are no beauty standards. All the vaginal labia have a different appearance. Why some women take a decision to make changes to the labia minora?
The main reason for which women decide to undergo a surgical operation is a general dissatisfaction with the appearance of the labia minora, that is the removal of the excess tissues (skin) of the labia minora, having as result the correct anatomical image of this area.

How must this area look like before and after labiaplasty?

The size of the labia minora must ensure the closing of the vaginal opening; more particularly the labia minora lie between the labia majora, having the form of two thin skin folds.

They have a large number of sebaceous glands, blood vessels and nerve endings, that make the body sensitive to sexual feelings. The labia minora converge over the clitoris in order to form a skin fold that is named clitoral prepuce (also known as clitoral hood).

The clitoris must be covered by folds, that are located at the upper ends of the labia minora. This is the only organ, the only function of which is to collect and accumulate sexual feelings.

The size and appearance of the clitoris is different from woman to woman. Length – approximately 4 -5 mm, which in some women can however reach 1 cm or more.

Categories of hypertrophic labia minora.

Gynaecologists argue that the limit regarding the length of the labia minora is up to 1cm. However, women that seek to be more attractive, have a different opinion.

Based on the theory of cosmetic gynaecology, hypertrophy is classified into 4 degrees of hypertrophy which are the following:

  • 1st degree – 1-2 cm
  • 2nd degree – 2-4 cm
  • 3d degree – 4-6 cm
  • 4th degree – over 6 cm (in this case we can talk about hypertrophy of the labia minora, also from a medical point of view).

Let’s analyze these categories and the kinds of deformity they cause.

Obviously, the third and fourth degree of hypertrophy has the form of a physical deformity in women. When the labia are hypertrophic to a degree that they reach the lateral side of the outer labia they can cause discomfort in walking, riding a bicycle or even while sitting for a long time period.

Some women report difficulties in taking care of their hygiene leading to frequent vaginal infections, particularly during menstruation. Finally, the hypertrophy of the vulva can cause chronic irritation of the area.

However, the majority of the complaints of women is linked with aesthetic and psychological aspects of the problem.
Tight underwear in this case are not comfortably worn, and that is the case with some particular kinds of clothing (training tights, tight trousers, etc.).

As a result of this, women are displeased with their appearance. And this is only the beginning. Women begin to feel unattractive (in their opinion) regarding the area of their genitalia and try to avoid intimacy, and when a woman is naked in front of another person (a woman with hypertrophy of the labia minora) – it is quite an ordeal for her.

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